Public Sector

Two Rivers Insurance Services has developed a number of partnerships and product offerings exclusively geared toward the public sector. These proprietary products are available to state governments, cities, counties, and school districts. Our clients have presented us with unique needs and requirements specific to their industries. We have leveraged our knowledge and industry partnerships to build solutions that meet these requests. We have a variety of plans that include shared risk pools that provide a tool to help manage escalating health costs.


  • Iowa Governmental Health Care Program (IGHCP) is a pooled insurance program for cities and counties in the state of Iowa for health insurance.
  • Southeast Iowa Schools (SEIS) is a pooled insurance plan offered to various educational agencies and school districts in Southeast Iowa. This program is designed to provide risk protection and cost control to each of the entities making up the pool.
  • Iowa Star Schools is a pooled group of Iowa schools with a benefit set customized to their benefit needs.
  • Illinois and Iowa Public Employers Pool (IPEP) is an insurance trust program that allows cities, counties, schools, and other public entities to pool their health plan risk. This larger risk pool provides for renewals that are based on health claim liability and risk spread over a larger group of employers to keep annual renewals more stable. Participation in this trust also provides reduced administrative fees for each participating entity.