Custom Application Development

Dream Big

Mandle Design, Inc. assists clients with mobile strategy and application development. We determine your objective and assist you with recommendations for this emerging media. Whether you strive for entertainment, or an app that adds value to your product or service, the possibilities are endless. We develop on multiple platforms, offering innovative web, iOS and Android applications to our clients. Mandle Design will exhaust the research phase to first determine if an app is viable for you. "App” is really a buzz word and now everyone thinks they need one. In reality, it must first be determined if the deliverables in which you are presenting in the app justify spending the dollars needed for development. Let's start the conversation. 

Rock the Web

If your custom application belongs on the web, giving it the ability to remain platform-independent, look no further. Our developers are trained in the latest methods for developing powerful, agile and scalable web applications. Whether your purpose is small data handling, or massive data processing, we have got you covered. We build our web applications on top of a highly-customized, lightweight, consistently maintained, and broadly-compatible framework boasting a tiny footprint and exceptional performance. Regardless of your needs, Mandle Design has a solution. Drop us a line.

Featured Clients

Woodfire Grill

Our friends at Woodfire Grill wanted a dynamic site that reflected their eclectic menu and atmosphere. This site was developed over late night drinks at Woodfire with owner Toby Christianson. This site is editable via a custom content management system (CMS).

Morning Star Academy

Teaching truth, training disciples, and transforming a community is the focus of Morning Star Academy, located in Bettendorf, Iowa. With that mission in mind, we utilized a submitted design that was both practical and appealing in highlighting traditional Christian values celebrated at Morning Star Academy.

Hooah! Quad Cities

We were proud to partner with the Quad Cities Chamber of Commerce on this site that's a resource for military members, veterans and military families as well as for civilians to find out how they can support our heroes. This site includes a custom content management platform used by the Chamber to edit their site, manage SEO and track analytics via a single dashboard.

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